The fact you're here means you've decided to courageously face the truth about a problem that all growers experience - nitrogen loss.

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It’s natural to feel ashamed when your nitrogen isn’t achieving its full potential, but you can be open with us about your concerns. We’ve all been there and we’re working together to learn from mistakes and change old habits.

The healing process starts with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer products and our ten steps to healthier yields and crop quality.

Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Admit Your Problem

Up to 40% of nitrogen can be lost through ammonia volatilization when you surface-apply untreated urea. Understand that you’re not alone…it can happen on every farm.

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Step Two to Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Seek the Truth

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer products are scientifically proven to help more nitrogen remain available in the root zone. Don’t just take our word for it. See what the researchers say…

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Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Share Your Feelings

Every region has an AGROTAIN® representative who is ready to listen and help. Type in your zip code to find the right contact. Let us know how we can assist you and your distributor.

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Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Commit to Change

Old ways are hard to break, but the key to losing less nitrogen is letting go of outdated standards in favor of advanced technology.

Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Chart Your Progress

The most important scientific results occur in your own crops. Keep track of the differences you achieve with AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizers and keep us informed.

Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Stay Strong

Growing conditions may change but it’s easier to keep on track when you remain true to the right stabilizer that’s tested to perform in diverse crops and environments.

Step One To Overcoming Nitrogen Loss

Spread the Word

When you reclaim control of your nitrogen, it’s only fair to help point others in the right direction. Join the discussion on Twitter and Facebook! It’s also a great way to learn about other innovative technologies and insight from Koch Agronomic Services, the makers of AGROTAIN® brand products.

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